How it Works

Upon completion of the Learn to Speed Skate program, skaters are placed into one of our programs by our coaches, based on a combination of age, skating ability and skater safety considerations. Find information on each of these programs on the Programs page.

What to Bring

Please see our Equipment page for all of the required equipment for a speed skating practice. Skaters are also encouraged to take a water bottle onto the ice with them during practice, and bring a towel to dry off their skates after practice.


Our programs are not custodial. A parent, guardian or responsible adult designate is required to remain onsite for any participant under the age of 18 in case of emergency. 

Parents are our club’s most valuable resource!

We need your help getting our safety mats on and off the ice at the beginning and end of our ice sessions, and fulfilling ‘rinkside’ duties during practice (filling water buckets, helping with practice equipment). Parents also make up nearly all of the volunteers and officials at competitions!

Skate Care

Hard skate guards should always be worn when walking off-ice. Please wipe down skate blades after each practice and cover in soft guards or wrap in towels to bring home. Lay your skates and hard guards out to dry at home before putting the hard guards back on to prevent rust from forming on the blades.