Speed Skating Competitions – “Meets”

Competition dates are available in the calendar on our Schedule page, on the OSSA website, our members-only site and listed below. Registration information and forms will be added to these sites as they become available for each meet.

You can also watch our news ticker on the home page for details when registrations forms are available on the OSSA website. We provide links right in the news ticker to the appropriate OSSA racing pages for you to download the forms you need.

Please note that all meet registrations are coordinated through our Head Coach. Completed forms and cheques (made out to KW Sertoma Speed Skating Club or KWSSSC) are to be placed in the blue meet folder in the box set out each practice. Make sure you have your forms and cheque in the folder prior to the form due date so we do not have to track down forms before the meet!



Competitions completed for the 2017/2018 regular speed skating season. See you on the ice in September!